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To New Beginnings! we are at a Brand New website. A Brand New beginning to our business. And I am very excited! We had a major set back in the Spring with our business and it has taken me some time to rebound - longer than I expected, I must admit. But throughout it all I have known that God is in control and perhaps even bigger and better things are in store for our little company! We often have to go through the "storm" so-to-speak, so we can come out stronger and better - and perhaps wiser than we were before. And I for one, am almost thankful for this experience...not yet ...but getting there ;-).  I have been listening to a couple different versions of the hymn It Is Well With My Soul ... and it is helping me put everything into perspective. THIS  is nothing compared to what the writer of that hymn endured!

Through it all, my eyes are on you. And through it all, it is well, Lord.
Through it all, my eyes are on you. And it is well with me.



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