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Handy Tool - Hands Free Tool

Handy Tool - Hands Free Tool



Introducing our aluminum, Handy Tool that is many tools in one, all the while keeping you safe! Keep this Handy Tool handy as its uses are many! Limit your exposure to all kinds of germs!

  • Use as a stylus for pin pads and buttons 
  • Pull & push doors open
  • Push buttons on elevators & Point-of-Sale machines
  • Use in public washroom to close door & flush toilet 
  • Carry grocery bags 
  • Turn light switched on and off
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight

Our Handy Tool is proudly constructed in Manitoba, Canada out of solid aluminum with a pebble finish.  It is extremely light weight and durable. Keep it on your key chain without any added weight and it will always be handy! Comes with a leather strap and pouch constructed from Hi-Vis Cordura material


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